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Doctor Who. Supernatural. LOTR .Loki. David Tennant. Tom Hiddleston and anything I find interesting at the moment..

David Tennant is my husband and Ten/Rose is my forever otp. Destiel shipper

I try to tag everything I post

Anonymous asked: do you any links to watch bells of saint john? i was unable to livestream and im going crazy omg

Um I don’t have a stream except for bbc iplayer but I know there are many download links out there, on piratebay for example! :)

Anonymous asked: where did you download the episode omg

I recorded it :D

Anonymous asked: we are missing you on the-last-enemy

Aw really you’re nice :o

Anonymous asked: who is your favorite dwarf?

Balin! He’s adorable :’)

Anonymous asked: Can you please tag any Hobbit spoilers? Thanks! :D

Oh of course, sorry! :o

Anonymous asked: No, I don't think she is going to meet the 12th Doctor. River once said the Doctor took her to see the Singing Towers "The Towers sang and you cried" - That's what she said to the 10th Doctor when she meets him. In one of the short episodes the 11th Doctor meets a future version of himself (still in his 11th regeneration) who is about to take River to see the Singing Towers. The Doctor realizes that that was the last time he would see River and gives his future self a very meaningful look.

Yeah hmm, I rewatched forest of the dead and silence in the library and I just thought it  was weird because he was like “Why would I give her my screwdriver” but the thing is that it didn’t look like his! haha ok but I’m probably over thinking it anyways :p

Anonymous asked: I noticed you started to watch Supernatural. What a great decision! Now you'll never get rid of the Winchester boys and demons. Dean and Sam will take your heart with them, I suppose! Have a great time with the second best tv-series in the world. (Doctor Who is the best, of course!)

Yeah,  I’ve only watched a couple of episodes but it seems great :D

Anonymous asked: can i please just have sex with your blog..

Anonymous asked: What is this from? post/33263192605

It’s Skins :D

Anonymous asked: YOU’RE IT! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful people/blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful.

thank you <3